air freight

As the world’s premier LCL operator with a worldwide proprietar network, we have a truly global, hands-on presence. we offer comprehensive neutral airfreight capability at our trademark level of service

Extending Networks

Elite has made its name with its tightly-woven web of high-quality staffed facilities across the globe and its tech-led approach to providing best-in-class tracking and tracing and by focusing on seamless client-side IT integration. We apply this same infrastructure quality to airfreight, offering end-to-end visibility while our on-the-ground import and export services ensure safe and efficient door-to-door cargo handling.
Above and beyond our customary service level, customers using Elite airfreight services also benefit from the expertise of our specialized air team. Whether it’s a standard cargo move or a complex sea-to-air or air-to-sea shipment, our airfreight support and operations staff are always on hand to help and guide.

Accelerating Transport

Our customers find that airfreight can dramatically reduce transit times on many routes with weaker highway or harbor infrastructure while, for smaller, urgent packages on prime routes, air can be a time-saving addition to other transportation modes. Elite ensures that the time advantage provided by air is used to the fullest extent, offering open co-load in addition to co-load consolidation services to make sure that, if necessary, shipments can be put on the first available flight.
We have the necessary airfreight transport certification and specific expertise in the segment to get freight moving shortly after landing. Combined with the highly competitive pricing that only an operator of our size can offer, Elite’s airfreight service is the perfect way for our customers to extend their networks with air.